Cosmetic Injections – Anti Wrinkle Treatment

We’re very happy to inform our valued patients and community that Lifestyle Skin Health Clinic is now offering Cosmetic Botulinum Toxin Type A Anti Wrinkle and Hyperhidrosis treatment for the
following areas: 1. Forehead/Frontalis lines 2. Frown/Corrugator lines 3. Laugh/Crow’s feet lines 4. Bunny/Nasal lines 5. Chemical Brow Lift 6. Gummy smile 7. Smoker’s/Marionette lines 8. Down Turned Corners of the Mouth 9. Pebble/Dimpled Chin 10. Masseter/Wide set jaw 11.
Turkey Neck/Platysma Band 12. Hyperhidrosis/Excessive sweating- Axilla, Palms, Feet.  As your trusted Lifestyle Skin Health Clinic, we’re
excited to bring these new services to you and we are offering FREE initial consultations. For any questions or to book, please call 07 5306 1105


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